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Mickie’s Blog Redoux

I wanted to announce to anyone that is still following my poor little blog here that I seem to have abandoned…well, it’s sad. Anyway, the truth is that I never really got the hang of how to do all this stuff. So my lovely daughter and very successful vintage fashion blogger Brittany Sherman came over yesterday and helped me set up a new one. We started from scratch using Blogger because that’s what she’s familiar with. It turned out great, she showed me all the ins and outs, and I plan to keep this new one alive and kicking, no, thriving!

So here it is

Please stop by to visit.

I fare thee well,


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Voice of the Trees Contest Winner!

The Willow Card- Intuition/ The Unseen

Drumroll please….

We put everyones names on a sheet of paper, cut them apart and then folded them up and placed them into the sacred Indiana Jones fedora.  Tristan closed his eyes and reached in after much stiring of the names.  It was a very solumn occasion and he took the responsibility of it all very seriously. He drew a name, unfolded it, we all held our breath…

It’s Kathy!  I’ve sent you an email my dear!  Kathys favorite card was the Oak Tree-Strength/Endurance, so congratulations Kathy.  Drop me a private message with your mailing address and I’ll send that print right out to you!  Congratualtions!!!

I was really happy with the responses, there were many people who had several favorites and had to narrow it down. 

The one card that got the most votes was Willow- Intuition/The Unseen, so that one will be the third print offered along with Fionns Window and The Ogham Shield.


Many more of the runners up will become available before Yule, so don’t dispair, you’ll also see them on many other fun items both handmade and from Cafe Press coming up very soon! 

Thanks everyone so very much for taking the time to look though the new art, and for your wonderful input!  This was so much fun, I’ll try to come up with some more contest ideas!



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Voice of the Trees Contest…You Could Win a Print!

Hi All,

I’m pleased to announce that we will have the first series of prints available made from the Voice of the Trees deck sometime before Thanksgiving.  I’m also working on a few lovely handmade magically infused items featuring the art as well that we’ll be offering on etsy very soon.  We’re very excited to be able to offer these items before the deck even comes out,


…so we decided to hold a contest to celebrate!


Here’s the scoop…
We will be offering three prints in November:
1. “Fionn’s Window” which is the card back design based upon an illustration from the Book of Ballymote manuscript and combined with seasonal Celtic knot trees of my design. This print includes the phrase “The grove is my strength” and would look striking framed in any home.
2. “The Ogham Shield” which is the cover art for the deck illustrating a bold Celtic warrior woman in a forest assessing her surroundings, she bears with her a spear and a shield with the Fionns Window design on it.
3. So …here’s the contest part!!! I can’t decide what the third print should be, so I’m asking for your help!  Go to my gallery page for Voice of the Trees and look through all of the cards, then send me a private message on myspace, facebook, or by my regular email and let me know which one is your favorite.  Then we will do a random drawing from all of the people that voted and the winner of the drawing will receive the #1 print of the one they voted for!

Then we will add the print that got the most votes along with the other two for the first print run.
We will be running this contest until Monday November 23 at High Noon (12:00 pm Central Standard time, U.S.) So get your votes in asap, I look forward to your feedback, and good luck!

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Working on the Gooseberry Card

Well, I’m working away on the last card and soon I’ll be ready to ship all the art and the manuscript for The Voice of the Trees deck off to Llewellyn!  This card is coming along great, and it’s a good feeling knowing that it’s almost done.  I had my beautiful friend Lisa from Albuquerque model for this one Her husband Pete took photos of her based upon my rough sketch and emailed them to me, they did a great job!

The Gooseberry card in my deck represents comfort and success, so I wanted to portray a woman of means, probably a clan leader so she has purple cloak, which was hard and expensive dye to get long ago, her husband probably traded for it from a visiting dignitary.  She also has very beautiful and ornate jewelry, showing her high status.   She is out picking ripe gooseberries, not because she has to, but because she wants to.  As she turns admiring the beauty of the land all around her and secure in her place in it, she has inadvertently tipped the full bowl of berries just a bit as a few spill out but won’t be missed because she has plenty, and even more waiting to be picked.

This card speaks of abundance, confidence, status and joy. This one should be done in a day or two, I’ll post the finished piece on my Voice of the Trees website soon.  Speaking of which, there are several new pieces loaded in the gallery on my website, so pop over and take a peek.

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I wanted to share more on the Elder card.  Draco looked so awesome when I was taking reference photos, I had to show her from the front instead of behind like I originally envisioned the scene. (See the previous post for the conceptual sketch)

My concept sketches are often pretty rough, just to get an idea down on paper, very basic.  So the finished illustration often changes quite a bit from that original sketch.  I like to be able to listen to my inspiration as I go along, rather than keeping the blinders on and having to stick to a sketch.  As you can see from my original sketch (on the previous post) and these images, that is a process that often pays off pretty well.

This is a work in progress, I still need to finish the terrified Ulster men.

This is a work in progress, I still need to finish the terrified Ulster men.

Here is a detail of the Elder card

Here is a detail of the Elder card

Living in Missouri for as long as I have made creating menacing storm clouds in the background much easier, heck, I’m looking at some very similar out my window right now.  We get those very “Spielbergian” skies here, you can tell someone who’s lived in the Midwest for awhile, because when the tornado sirens are going off, we’re outside looking up and only run to the basement when we can tear ourselves away from the show!   Sometimes it’s so beautiful and scary at the same time, it made me think of this card, so I wanted to include it.

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The Elder Card, Bit of a Challenge!

Elder Card Concept Sketch

Elder Card Concept Sketch

I’m working on the Elder card for my new oracle deck I’ll be finished with it soon.  Draco (Paganisms Next Top Model LOL)   modeled for me, I got some really great photos of her.  This card is all about consequence and regret.  I’m portraying the Goddess Macha while cursing the men of Ulster.

According to legend, The Goddess Macha married a mortal man in secret and told him he couldn’t brag to anyone.  She became pregnant with twins, and in her last month, her husband went off to the Lughnassahd games.  There were many competitions there, one being a horse race.  Her husband began to brag that his wife could beat any horse in a race because she was a Goddess, even the kings horse.  So she was brought to the fair and forced to race the kings horse to prevent her husband from being killed.  Furious, she ran the race and won, the proceeded to give birth to her twins.  She then cursed all the men of Ulster that in their time of need, they would experience her labor pains!  Never mess with a mom, they’ll take you down, and it will be personal.  So the men of Ulster were unable to fight during the Cattle Raid of Cooley, and the hero Cuchulain had to fight all by himself while the men were all having labor!

I don’t know why, I just love that story!   I thought it was a pretty good representation in Celtic legend of consequence and regret, perfect for the Elder card.

Anyway, it seems that as I have created this deck, I seem to be experiencing life situations that are reflections of the cards I’m working on, maybe it’s all that magic I put into each one.  Friday afternoon as I started printing reference photos at work, I went to help my boss take the trash out, and  I was stung by a wasp!  I recognised it immediately as a consequence of not taking care of them when I first noticed the nest they were building on the hinges of the dumpster!  Regret it?  You bet I did, I’m taking care of the wasp population tomorrow, so no one else gets stung!  I still managed to get to the art supply store for my last sheet of illustration board, but Friday was a very painful day.  I worked on sketches with a bag of frozen corn on my shoulder!  LOL

So little consequences here and there cropping up as I went,   I’ve paid my dues for this piece, I’m trying to get it done as quickly as possible to avoid any more regret.  The last card is Gooseberry, that’s comfort and success…so here’s hoping that one will manifest!

Back to the old art table, shields up, head down, screen door firmly closed!



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Announcing “The Voice of the Trees” A New Oracle Deck

     I’m very excited to announce my new deck, “The Voice of the Trees~ A Celtic Ogham Oracle.”  I’ve been working on it since 2007, and I’ve been keeping it pretty “hush-hush” so I’m very happy for the opportunity to share with everyone.  I just published a new website dedicated to the deck I’ll be posting a few images from the deck over the next several days. 

     I had the inspiration to turn the Ogham alphabet into an illustrated deck in 2003.  I had begun doing research on this very in depth topic, and visualizing images, even creating sketches a little bit at a time.  The project kept making periodic appearences on my old wooden art table from time to time.  Then in spring of 2004, I was contacted by Raven Grimassi and asked to illustrate “The Well Worn Path,” and then later “The Hidden Path” decks.  So, the idea of an Ogham deck went on the backburner for quite some time, while I created the artwork for those two decks.  Once those decks were done, I decided to revisit the idea, and was quite pleased that when I presented the proposal to Llewellyn, they decided to contract me to create it!

     The Ogham has been used in divination by carving the symbols (fews) on twigs or wooden tiles. The Ogham system itself is intriguing, rich with history and deep meaning, but until now, it has not been the most intuitive system for the modern reader to pick up and work with without much in depth study.  “The Voice of the Trees, A Celtic Ogham Oracle” is  designed to bring this ancient letter system into a more spontaneous and accessible form for the modern reader.  Each illustration is magical and expressive enough to be read easily, not just pictures of the tree and symbol, these cards visually tell a story. The images on each card include the Ogham stave and associated tree, within an in-depth illustration of the divinatory meaning, in order to trigger the feel and meaning of the card for the reader. 

     I have a magical and artistic practice of using herb infusions in my art that correspond with the subject, and this deck is no exception.  I obtained botanical samples of each of the trees in the Ogham and used an infusion of each tree in the paint.  This process helps me to connect spiritually with my subject and gain insight and inspiration.  I have done this with the intention that the vibration of each tree will be a part of each card printed from the magical original.  This process makes this oracle a powerful divination deck, ritual, and meditation tool for any magical practitioner.

I have only two cards left to illustrate and I still have part of the book to write, I’ll be sending it into Llewellyn before October.   Then the process of vision meeting, edits, proofs and all other things publishing wise will begin.
Well, back to the old wooden art table, for now.